Chili Varieties:
Different, Cornicello prevailing

Cornicello freshly-cut pieces in extra virgin, freshly squeezed olive oil.

By its fragrance, you can feel the scent of a unique and delicate recipe inherited from generation to generation.

Soft-bodied taste with an ideal balance between spiciness and the smoothness of the olive oil, this last perceived first.

Culinary use:
ideal for cold topping on any type of meat, pizza, bread slices and, of course, pasta with any sauce but also unbeatable as an ingredient for chili-based recipes.

Thanks to its soft-bodied taste, it enhances the topped food’s flavor.

Other properties:

Olive-Oil is well renowned as anti-oxidant and protective to the human health.

Chili has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it has also positive effects in the digestive tract, circulatory system and prevents heart disease by lowering blood serum cholesterol and reduces lipid deposits, and therefore, reverses excessive blood clotting. It also dilates the blood vessels to aid in blood flow.


CAPSI - Huile d'olive pimentée - Black Box avec n. 9 bouteilles, 10 ml

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